Chablé Yucatán recovers the splendor of the aristocracy and the bases of Mayan well-being. It’s true: luxury attracts, as beauty does. As knowledge, as health. But today luxury is not only being surrounded by fine objects: it is a way of seeing the world, of living in harmony, of receiving through the door of the senses the gift of the world. Luxury is to live true experiences, recover those summits of comfort and magnificence, but without forgetting the physical and spiritual well-being, the certainty of our place in the universe and in our own conscience. Luxury is not a visit: it is a way of living. Luxury, well-being, knowledge, beauty demand our deepest harmony. We are heirs of an almost unimaginable legacy of wealth.

Chocholá, Yucatán

A few miles from Chixchulub crater, 26 kilometers from Merida, going to Campeche, is Chocholá. A few more than a thousand homes stand on the land that the as- teroid touched 65 million years ago. A magnificent jungle over stone, with no surface water but liquid underneath, cristaline and vibrant in San Ignacio Cenote. Chocholá means salt water in Maya. Here, the jungle shelters the largest group of white tail, gray tail and red deer in Yucatan.


The need for sustainable, responsible, planning and management is a MUST for the tourism and travel industry to prosper for decades to come. As the tourism industry grows, so does its impact on the environment and society. At Chablé Hotels, we are aware that there is a lot we can do to reduce our impact on the planet, so we are on a daily mission to become more sustainable by redefining wellness.

We protect endangered species, we promote native plant restoration projects and anti-straw programs, we encourage the reduction of plastics uses and we are committed to recycling of garbage. Thus we put a grain of sand to ensure the growth and development of future generations.

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Mexico is home to two of this year’s best properties: Chablé Yucatán & Chablé Maroma.

Gold List – They’re gold as in exceptional. Gold as in classic. Gold as in brilliant. Gold as in you’d do it all tomorrow.

Top Three Spa Resorts in the World (#2)

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Hotel & Resort Mexico 2019 Winners

U.S. News & World Report ranks the best hotels in Maya Riviera & The Yucatan based on an analysis of industry awards, hotel star ratings and user ratings.

U.S. News & World Report ranks the best hotels in Mexico based on an analysis of industry awards, hotel star ratings and user ratings.

The Leading Hotels of the World’s more than 400 independent hotels in more than 80 countries appeal to luxury-seekers who desire digs that reflect their surroundings.

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En la categoría de Bienestar, Travesías premia a proyectos y actores de la industria que están integrando el bienestar o wellness como parte de la experiencia integral.

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The Destination Deluxe Awards honor the leaders and pioneers in wellness and travel. The prestigious Awards celebrate the hotels, spas, treatments, skincare and wellness brands that drive the remarkable luxury standard of these industries.

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