Chablé Brand SAPI de CV representative of Chablé Resort & Spa, domiciled at Camino al Desierto de los Leones #67, Col. San Ángel, Del. Álvaro Obregon, Distrito Federal, C.P. 01000, México, Internet website www.chablehotels.com is responsible for the use and protection of your personal information and with respect thereto we inform you of the following:


Terms and conditions:

  • Offers combinable with all consortia amenities
  • Subject to the availability of the promotion
  • Blackout dates may apply
  • Applicable to all room categories and villas


Our coordinator of information protection is the person within Chablé Resort & Spa who has been formally designated by our director general to foster and safeguard the protection of the personal information we have in our possession, as well as to address the rights of the owners. For all matters related to the handling and protection of your personal information, you may contact our coordinator of information protection by sending an e-mail to the following address:        privacy@chablehotels.com.


The personal information we collect from you is used for the following purposes that are necessary in order to provide you with our services:
  • Complete reservations or information requests
  • Purchase products or services
  • Register for membership programs
  • Submit job applications
  • Responding to communications that we send you (ex. surveys, promotional offers or reservation confirmations
  • Meet your personal preferences
  • Complete applications or services that we offer advice
  • Work with third parties, including information gathering public use of social event websites, help us better to understand your interests and provide a more personalized services
  • Use our applications on your electronics


We inform you that your personal information may be transferred within the country to the following individuals or entities, without your consent being legally required:

  • We have your consent.
  • In situations where it is necessary to give your personal information to provide products or services you want (for example; a vacation package).
  • When companies or services providers perform business activities on behalf of Chablé Resort & Spa (e.g. processing credit cards, customer service, market research administration or management services database require this information). In the event that Chablé Resort & Spa merges with or is acquired by another company.
  • To comply with the requirements and legal obligations or regulations established by the applicable legislation or as a result of a court order or judicial citation.
  • In emergencies such as life saving, preserving the health or property of a person.


In the event that Chablé Resort & Spa share information as mentioned above, try to limit the scope of the data supplied as necessary to carry out the specific function. Unless precluded by legal process, we require third parties to protect your information and comply with laws and regulations for the protection of personal data application.

 If you do not notify us of your objection to making these transfers, which you may do by sending an e-mail to our coordinator of information protection, we will understand that you have granted us your consent.


You have the right to know what personal information we have about you, for what purposes we use it and the conditions of use thereof (Access). Likewise, it is your right to request the correction of your personal information in case it is not up to date, inexact or incomplete (Rectification); that we eliminate it from our records or data bases when you feel it is not being used adequately (Cancellation); as well as to oppose the use of your personal information for specific purposes (Opposition) in the terms allowed under the applicable laws. These rights are known as ARCO.

In order to exercise any one of these ARCO rights, you may submit the respective request by way of e-mail directed to our coordinator of information protection, who shall inform you regarding the procedure and requirements for exercising these rights and shall address any doubt or comment you may have in this regard. Likewise, you may exercise your ARCO rights by requesting and filling out the corresponding form in the reception of Chablé Resort & Spa, which is titled (“ARCO Rights Application”). Thereafter, our coordinator of information protection will follow up on your request in compliance with the applicable laws.

You may revoke your consent that in such case you may have granted to us. However, it is important to take into account that your request may not be admissible in all cases or that we may be unable to conclude its use immediately, since it is possible that due to certain legal obligations we may have to continue handling your personal information. You must consider that for certain purposes the revocation of your consent will imply that we cannot continue providing the service you requested, or the conclusion of the relationship with us.

 In order to revoke your consent, you must submit a request by e-mail to our coordinator of information protection, who shall inform you as to the procedure and requirements for exercising this right and shall address any doubt or comment you may have in this regard. Likewise, you may exercise your revocation right by requesting and filling out the corresponding form in the reception of Chablé Resort & Spa, which is titled (“ARCO Rights Application”). Thereafter, our coordinator of information protection will follow up on your request in compliance with the applicable laws.


In addition to the procedure set forth in the immediately preceding section, you may limit the use or disclosure of your personal information in the following manners:

  • Registering in the Public Registry to Avoid Advertising in the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office. For more information regarding this option, you may contact the PROFECO directly or access the following link: http://rpc.profeco.gob.mx.
  • Sending an e-mail to our coordinator of information protection in which you request your registration in the “Advertising Exclusion List of Chablé Resort & Spa”, for the purpose of not receiving promotional information regarding our products and services.


The Federal Institute of Access to Information and Protection of Data (IFAI) is the authority in charge of safeguarding due compliance with the legal provisions in matters of protection of personal information. For more information, you may consult the following Internet website: www.ifai.gob.mx.


Chablé Resort & Spa and its business partners may use cookies, web beacons (web beacons) to obtain information about you while visiting our websites. A «cookie» is a small text file sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies that Chablé Resort & Spa assigned a unique identifier to the computer, in turn, becomes your identification card whenever you visit a website of Chablé Resort & Spa.

Cookies were designed to save you time because they help us to provide a personalized service without having to remind us of your preference search time when you visit our website. Cookies from Chablé Resort & Spa are not designed to damage your files or to read the information that you stored on the hard drive of your computer.

Cookies can also help us provide you with a personalized online service in the following ways:

  • Remember your username and password for future visits easier and faster by logging.
  • Ensure that you have the appropriate frames and content.
  • Ensure you receive all the information requested.
  • Help us provide communications that are relevant and related to your interests and your location.


Cookies from Chablé Resort & Spa are limited only to our Web sites and are not designed to follow while surfing the Internet once you have left the websites belonging to Chablé Resort & Spa. We track the usage of our websites in order to meet their needs and how best to help in the future, so you can find information more easily. Note that in addition to the «cookies» by Chablé Resort & Spa, it is possible that third parties place cookies on the hard drive of your computer. Chablé Resort & Spa is not responsible for the presence or absence of «cookies» of third or technological features or practices that may use these third parties as to their cookies.

If you prefer not to enjoy the benefits offered by «cookies», you can configure your Internet browser to try these cookies in different ways. Depending on the type of browser you use, you can set your browser so that: (i) you are prompted to accept or reject cookies individually or(ii) avoid accepting any cookies. You should consult the supplier or manufacturer of your web browser for specific details about security related cookies. However, you should also consider that rejecting cookies may impede the achievement of certain transactions on our websites and our ability to recognize your browser from one visit to the next.

In addition, Chablé Resort & Spa uses web markers used to count the number of people visiting certain websites. The information we collect is used with these markers in general and does not contain any personal data. Chablé Resort & Spa can use this information to improve marketing programs and content.

We also work with suppliers and marketing partners that help us send custom advertising and produce content that we think will interest you. These vendors and other partners include advertisers, advertising agencies, advertising networks, specialists in market segmentation and exchange of data, analytics providers and other similar providers. These partners and providers may use cookies and Web bookmarks to collect information about your online activity (e.g. sites and pages you have visited in Chablé Resort & Spas sites and other sites) to help Chablé Resort & Spa (and, in some cases, external advertisers) to send a personalized content or advertising while in Chablé Resort & Spa site or other sites.

For example, if you visit a site of Chablé Resort & Spa and see one of our hotels or booking of a hotel room, you may see an advertisement later when visiting our other website. You may also ask you for any of these providers to send our advertising to consumers whose online behavior patterns in sites not Chablé Resort & Spa indicate who might be interested in traveling. In other cases, we make special arrangements with certain advertisers that we think may be of interest to visitors to our website. These advertisers are allowed to send messages to the two brands (e. g. Chablé Resort & Spa and brand advertiser) directly to consumers who have visited our web pages.


In order to anticipate their needs, Chablé Resort & Spa offers links to other websites and information for your benefit. Chablé Resort & Spa is not responsible for the content that facilitates or included in any independent website, including, without limitation, any claim advertising or business practices. While Chablé Resort & Spa will protect the information found on the websites owned and operated, we cannot control nor assume any responsibility for the privacy practices of third party websites, including websites owned or controlled by independent franchisees and other owners of hotels, resorts, timeshare or residential properties that may use the name of a brand of Chablé Resort & Spa or websites not controlled and authorized by Chablé Resort & Spa. The third-party websites that are accessed through links on our websites have privacy practices and data collection, as well as various security measures. We assume no responsibility for the practices, policies and security measures implemented by third parties on their websites.

We encourage you to contact and ask them about their privacy practices, policies and security measures before disclosing any information. We recommend you to review the privacy policies and statements relevant to websites related to understand how those sites collect, manipulate and store information.


This privacy notice may undergo modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements; from our own needs due to the products or services we provide; from our privacy practices; from changes in our business model, or due to other causes. We commit ourselves to keeping you informed as to any changes this privacy notice may undergo, through our Internet website, which we invite you to visit frequently in order to know of any changes this privacy notice may have undergone. The procedure according to which notices of changes or updates of this privacy notice will be carried out is the following: The current version of the privacy notice will be published on our website, with the most recent date of the update, which updated version you may access through the following link: chablehotels.com/privacy-policy/
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