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The peace and energy that emanates from a secluded environment surrounded by nature and breathtaking landscapes, mix with architecture and design inspired by the greatness of the Mayan culture, turning wellness into a unique lifestyle, completely redefining it and thus creating a new and unique concept called: Chablé Residences.


Chablé Yucatán Residences: Spaces created in perfect balance with nature where tradition and the contemporary combine generating an ideal harmony between art, design, architecture and unique environments that awaken an unparalleled sense of belonging.

Recognize and reconnect with yourself while you generate unique moments as you enjoy the union with nature. Discover the world from your own private space where you can take refuge whenever you want.

Chablé Yucatán Residences bring together exclusivity, privacy, ultra-luxury, nature and wellness in a single space; a branded community developed to create transcendental experiences that become part of your story.


“Architecture – silent witness of the course of life and its fundamental moments”
– José Carlos Lombana, Architect of Chablé Residences Yucatan.

The materials that decorate each space of Chablé Yucatán Residences embrace everything that makes Chablé so unique, creating spaces specially designed to have contact with nature. We use brushed Vermont Beige marble for the floor, the textiles are made of natural fibers to awaken the senses, and we highlight the unique color of Mayan blue to make that feeling of connection with nature more intense.
– Paulina Moran, Interior Designer of Chablé Residences Yucatan.


A few miles from Chixchulub crater, 26 kilometers from Merida, going to Campeche, is Chocholá. A few more than a thousand homes stand on the land that the asteroid touched 65 million years ago. A magnificent jungle over stone, with no surface water but liquid underneath, cristaline and vibrant in San Ignacio Cenote. Chocholá means salt water in Maya. Here, the jungle shelters the largest group of white tail, gray tail and red deer in Yucatan.