We are in a land with an ancestral soul, a great living legacy, heir of the most dazzling civilization of pre-Columbian America, and one of the most important indigenous centers of Mexico. The contemplation of the natural phenomena has a direct translation in daily life, in rituals, art, gastronomy and oral legends. For this same reason, each construction is clearly connected to the landscape. Ceremonial centers, temples and pyramids have an association with rivers, lagoons, hills, sea and cenotes.

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The word temazcal means “steam house” and this is a ritual based on one of the oldest forms of medicine where the physical, mental and spiritual levels come together. Intentions are channeled through contact with the four elements: earth, fire, water and air, inside the representation of Mother Earth herself.

Life is deeply connected to Earth’s elements. Let your soul and body bond with the essence of life through each one. Earth, air, water and fire vibrate within the body and are perceived by our senses, touching the unconscious and allowing us to truly experience the present moment while practicing conscious breathing, movement and Mother Nature.

The Maya Ceremony is a means to approach and communicate with Yum Junab Ku’jo; the Giver of Measure and Movement of all existent things. It is a celebration of Mayan spirituality that reveals the relation in your own life line of the most significant memories and events. Mayan Ceremonies have a clear objective and a determined mi

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