Tequila Tasting

Taste some of the best tequilas in Mexico accompanied by an extraordinarily select pairing for the palate, spending a relaxing afternoon in our award-winning Ixi’im restaurant.


The melipona bees sanctuary named by the mayans Najil Cab or house of the bees. Whitin its function is the management care and protection of the natural enemies of the colony and for the weather condition. Allow yourself to be surprised by the wonders of nature.

Green Path

Enjoy a bicycle tour with our guide. Explore the most important and emblematic points of Chablé Yucatán, such as our beautiful forest of intentions; learn about the history of the hacienda in the red arch, visit our golf course, harvest with us in the milpa and the kanches; discover the venadero, our famous Mayan cuisine and learn about the melipona bees in our bee sanctuary. 


Meet our melipona bees, learn about their history, behavior and biology. Be part of our ceremony to ask the Mayan god of the bee for a good harvest and end this ceremony with a little balché and then harvest the melipona honey directly from the hives, made with your own hands. 



Join our bee workshop where we use the different products that can be obtained from our beehives, such as honey and wax, to make handmade honey soaps, honey candies and beeswax candles.