From the acclaimed chef Jorge Vallejo’s, whos restaurant Quintonil in Mexico City has been recognized several times within “The World’s 50 best Restaurants”. Under his mentorship executive chef Luis Ronzon recreates the culinary experience, making your visit to any of our restaurants an experience that cant be missed. Both Luis and Jorge, delved into the magic of Yucatec dishes and learned from the land’s uniqueness, its products, and the way people cook the ingredients to give that special and recognized flavor.


After studying Business Administration and Culinary Arts at the Culinary Center of Mexico (Ambrosía), Vallejo spent seasons in the kitchens of restaurants such as Noma, Pujol, the Diana restaurant at the Hotel St. Regis, and served as a Corporate Chef for the Habita Group. In 2012 he opened Quintonil, along with his wife Alejandra Flores, where for eight years he has been the nerve center of the dialogue that Vallejo has established with the memory and the present of the culinary tradition of Mexico. Since 2015 Quintonil has been on “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list, where he currently occupies the 24th position worldwide and the 9th in the Latin America’s 50 Best restaurants.


Luis Ronzón is a public accountant by profession, however, he soon changed numbers for stoves. As a disciple of chef Yuri de Gortari discovered the passion for traditional Mexican food. His excellent performance opened the doors of the best restaurants in the world. The close collaboration with Chef Jorge Vallejo, in the award-winning Quintonil as Sous Chef for 3 years, which is ranked as one of “The World’s 50 best Restaurants”, consecrated him as one of the great exponents of the Mexican contemporary cuisine. In 2016 he started as Executive Chef of Chable Yucatan named in 2017 Best Hotel in the World receiving the coveted “Prix de Versailles” Award and in 2018, Luis took Ixi’im, Chable Yucatan’s fine dining restaurant to obtain the award of Best Restaurant in the World by the same organization.