In the heart of Chablé Yucatan is a traditional organic Mayan garden, which recreates harvesting techniques that have not been used in over a century. The milpa and the orchard were a structure that the Maya had in the form of production, and they were consumed in relation to the levels of social stratum.

The Mayan Garden consists of raised garden beds made of local woods and built without artificial elements, this was called by the Mayans “Ka’anche’”. Each bed is filled with organic soil and seeds harvested through traditional Mayan methods by Chable’s resident Mayan horticulturist. In Chablé Yucatan , each zone has its own Ka’anche’s with the vegetables it uses in its culinary spaces.

Chablé’s farm-to-table dining experience is based on the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are sourced essentially from this organic garden. The guests can have the opportunity to participate in a garden process during their stay and the traditional ceremonies.