Translated as “corn” in the Mayan language, Ixi’im offers a refined setting within the lush jungle of the extensive Chablé Yucatan grounds. Ixi’im was born imposing from the bowels of the hacienda, the old engine room. Its beautiful architecture, conceived from iron and glass. The restaurant has this combination of raw materials, wood, iron, stone and glass.

The sophisticated menu crafted by Jorge Vallejo and Luis Ronzon displays an innovative mix of Mexican and local influences, integrating fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables harvested and collected from the resort’s traditional Mayan Garden. The restaurant also features the world’s largest collection of tequila, innovative cocktails, and a bespoke wine list.

Here, two eras coexist: modern lines are inserted into the original ruins through a metallic skeleton that was introduced into the old structure. A granite pond with an eternal flame welcomes diners; and a structure of metal and floating glass, made with great care to preserve the original walls intact. In 2018 Ixi’im was recognized by the Prix Versailles, The World Architecture and Design Award.