A warm welcome to the world of the original haciendas. The original construction systems were respected during the restoration of this build- ing, whose walls became the main inspiration of the project. As we enter, time brings us back to the present, furniture is timeless, sophisticated.

The Main House is an invitation to rest. Take a drink, browse a book… but also sit outside, in the cool, on the porch framed by blue arcs. From there, there is a generous view of the gardens and the red arch that leads to the jungle and back to another remote time.

The wine cellar is in the Main House underground, in front of the esplanade from which it is easy to take a bicycle to cross the Chablé Yucatan grounds. The wine cellar guards an extraordinary selection of Mexican wines, and around its huge parotta wood table, unforgettable afternoons of tasting and rich conversation unfold. The bottles are shown in a wood piece, a sinuous and sensual path that caresses the walls and ceiling.