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Sustainability is not just a practice: it’s what we do, who we are. It’s part of us.

The need for sustainable, responsible, planning and management is a MUST for the tourism and travel industry to prosper for decades to come. As the tourism industry grows, so does its impact on the environment and society. At Chablé Hotels, we are aware that there is a lot we can do to reduce our impact on the planet, so we are on a daily mission  to become more sustainable by redefining wellness.

Come join us, get involved and become part of Chablé’s changemakers!

Our Purpose

We are convinced that sustainability is a process that works towards the balance between the environment and the use of natural resources. This is why,  with a great commitment for a sustainable future, our purpose is to protect and preserve natural resources by reducing our environmental impact.

We strive to protect endangered species; we promote native plant restoration projects and plastic-free programs; we encourage a local work environment, and it commits us to reforestation, water and waste management to ensure the growth and development of future generations.

Our Place

At each Chablé Hotel, we made smart use of the land topography, orientation, natural landscapes and renewable building materials to create spaces designed to have a direct connection with nature.

The exteriors and interiors of each of our properties are carefully thought out to satisfy the well-being needs of our guests while also assuring sustainable practices.

Chablé Hotels are a combination between nature and contemporary architecture, honoring the passage of time, prevailing history, culture and nature.

Our People

Chablé’s duty of care extends beyond accomplishing the complete well-being of our guests, design, architecture, experiences and sustainable practices.  Service is an important pillar in our brand. Our vocation’s philosophy is giving service from the heart by employing and sourcing locally.

Both Chablé properties; Chablé Maroma and Chablé Yucatan, boast their own private on-site gardens called K’anche’s which provide all of the aromatic herbs such as chili, mint, and sage, as well as an assortment of seasonal vegetables that are used in kitchens and spas. The resorts produce their own, butter, jams, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, bread, ice cream. For the products we are unable to grow on-site, we source from local purveyor communities of farmers with like-minded values, providing a profitable enterprise that benefits the financial stability of the community.

Our Planet

We’re all part of a global community on a shared planet, so it’s time to give back to nature through responsible travel.

Chablé’s sustainable programs and wellness activities include:

  • Reduce waste: From our farm to your table
  • Melipona Bee Sanctuary
  • Plastic Free & ecofriendly products
  • Waste reduction & recycling
  • Endangered species sanctuary
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Reforestation
  • Coral reef protection
  • Sourcing Local
  • Awareness talks & sustainable experiences for our guests to get involved.

Our pledge

Earth has taken care of us for millions of years and now it’s time for us to take care of it in return!

In an effort to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality and self-sustainability to coexist with the surrounding ecosystems, Chablé Hotels have implemented a number of innovative programs including beach vegetation preservation, waste reduction and recycling, beach and sargassum cleaning, reef care, mangrove reforestation and more. The properties have also eliminated all single-use plastic including straws which are now made of biodegradable avocado seeds, and all take away boxes are made of biodegradable corn starch.

Shaping the Future

Come discover those secrets in sustainable luxury!

The Chablé way is all about living in harmony with nature, respecting the rhythms of life, and honoring timeless cultures and traditions. Therefore, we are excited to share the innovative programs to achieve our goal of carbon neutrality and self-sustainability to coexist with the surrounding ecosystems.

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