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Wellbeing is the natural state of life. The Chablé way is about living in harmony with nature, respecting the rhythms of life, and honoring timeless cultures and traditions. At Chablé Maroma, cultural roots run deep and the wisdom of the past is alive today in our Spa experience.

In nature we see examples of live ever changing, growing, and adapting. Like the rhythmic spirals in the ocean or the growth of a seed into a majestic tree, there is promise of transformation and manifestation.

At the Chablé Maroma Spa, we honor and assist the natural balance, promoting health and vitaly for all guest through a dynamic treatments.

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The Chablé Maroma Spa program celebrates life and life-giving practices. The Spa experience is based on three expressions of movement in the natural world.

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The ocean is the source of life and ife is dynamic and transforming, and a healthy life allows for constant movement and adjustment. Releasing and letting go, washing away old patterns, and allowing for something new to be revealed brings vitality. Purification, cleansing, and renewal are part of a living system, and is constantly brings new life.

The tree is the sacred symbol of life. Trees inspire the Chablé Spa experience and guide the guest journey. The Chablé gardens are decorated with great Ceiba trees which were venerated by the Mayan culture as the bridge between Heaven and Earth, unifying two worlds in one.
A tree represents the nature of duality: showing strength and subtlety, remaining expansive and grounded, resisting the forces of gravity and levity.

There is an essential relationship between trees and people. We breathe together, mutually inhaling and exhaling as trees purify the air. In this symbiotic life relationship, trees are channels for transformation, physically providing us with fresh oxygen and symbolically, through breath, changing emotions into higher consciousness.