Wellbeing is achieved through connection to the environment, the body’s work and practice with the mind to redefine experiences, curiosity, energy and the expansion of our senses.

Every day, Chablé offers a series of activities created to deal with the different moods: introspection or socializing, gentleness or intensity, serenity or vibration. Every day, we will deliver a program with our activities to your door. You can take part in as many as you choose.

Our experts will be happy to consult with you to understand your goals and collaboratively design a plan to help you achieve them during your stay at Chablé Maroma.


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Forget about thestress of daily modern life and enjoy what true presence means, that more than being physically in a place, it is about being connected with our essence and the environment. Chablé Maroma invites you to dedicate a little part of your day to be aware of yourself.

From gentle yoga to pilates in the water, Chablé Maroma offers activities to help you find mindfulness and balance in your life, focusing your breathing and body, helping you find physical and mental peace.

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