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To our valued friends and guests,

At Chablé Hotels, our core values rest on our commitment to Honoring the Past, Embracing the Present and Shaping the Future. The Chablé way is all about living in harmony with nature, respecting the rhythms of life, and honoring timeless cultures and traditions. Therefore, we are excited to share the innovative programs to achieve our goal of carbon neutrality and self-sustainability to coexist with the surrounding ecosystems.

A pioneer in the Redefining Wellness hospitality space, Chablé Hotels was built on the foundations of its treasured past. Rooted in the riches of our natural landscapes and Mayan culture, the brand strives to nurture the needs of the present, while maintaining the protection of the planet for future generations to come. Chablé Hotels is implementing a range of practical and innovative sustainability measures for minimizing its carbon footprint. From the eco-sleek designs to the elimination of single-use plastics, Chablé Hotels are committed to reducing their environmental impact, without compromising quality, guest experiences and the highest levels of service.

Purposefully Built

Starting with a design that has a symbiotic relationship with its environment, Chablé Hotels were sustainably built to serve as an extension of the surrounding landscapes and culture. The project for Chablé Yucatán utilized rescued materials from the 16th century hacienda buildings, repurposing collapsed stones, consolidating other buildings, and structuring the casitas and villas with the least environmental impact possible. In its interior design, roots, and trunks of fallen trees were reinterpreted as unique furniture, used in their original organic beauty in different rooms and spaces of the hacienda. Chablé Maroma, which is nestled seaside, was constructed using elements from the peninsula and supporting some columns made from local zapote and chaca tree trunks. Parota Tropical wood was used on terraces, common areas, and walkways. All these minimize the impact on the terrain, taking care of the mangroves and groundwater table of the region.

Chablé Hotels partner with community programs to support and enrich the local community such as Mexican artists, artisans and craftsmen who were commissioned to create original art and textile collections that reflect the cosmopolitan culture and refined taste of local aristocracy. The impact is twofold – providing jobs and income to the local community.

In collaboration with a Mexican Foundation, the skillful hands of the women of Ich Muul embroidered the original textile collection for Chablé Yucatán. Their designs represent the region’s history and tradition, a reflection of ancestral technique and culture expressed through handcraft, colors, threads, and fabrics. Local woods are original of Yucatan, and were integrated to the design, through the work of skilled craftsmen who elevated and transformed them into fine pieces of design.

Sourcing Local

Both Chablé properties; Chablé Maroma and Chablé Yucatan, boast their own private on-site gardens called Ka’anche’s which provide all of the aromatic herbs such as chili, mint, and sage, as well as an assortment of seasonal vegetables that are used in kitchens and spas. The resorts produce their own, butter, jams, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, bread, ice cream, and Chablé Yucatán houses a Melipona bee farm with more than 20 boxes of honey production from Melipona bees. For the produce they are unable to grow on-site they source from local purveyor communities of farmers with like-minded values, providing a profitable enterprise that benefits the financial stability of the community.

Additionally, Chable’s fish is 100% sustainable and comes from certified farms that have the highest standards of operations as well as local fishermen in Progreso, a fishing town near Merida. Food waste is diverted from the landfills and reused as compost for their orchards and other surrounding cultivation areas.

Limiting Environmental Impact Overall

In an effort to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality and self-sustainability to coexist with the surrounding ecosystems, Chablé Hotels have implemented a number of innovative programs including beach vegetation preservation, waste reduction and recycling, beach and sargassum cleaning, reef care, mangrove reforestation and more. The properties have also eliminated all single-use plastic including straws which are now made of biodegradable avocado seeds, and all take away boxes are made of biodegradable corn starch.

On your next visit to Chablé Hotels, know that you are not only visiting some of the best hotels of the world, but also destinations designed to respect and honor nature.

This is sustainable travel.

With Kind Regards,